Secondary fracture prevention key focus of IOF meetings in Latin America

Meeting with ABRASSO colleagues
Meeting with FEBRASGO in Brazil
IOF's CEO speaking at ACOMM World Osteoporosis Day event
Meeting with las Unidades de Prevención Secundaria de Fracturas (FLS) del Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitación Luis Guillermo Ibarra Ibarra (INR) y del Instituto de Seguridad y Servicios Sociales de los Trabajadores del Estado (ISSTE)
Meeting at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAMM)
IOF CEO with the Director General OPD Servicios de Salud Jalisco
During his recent visit to five 5 cities in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Mexico, IOF CEO Dr Philippe Halbout held key meetings with IOF member societies, healthcare providers and public policy makers.

From October 14 to 23, 2019, IOF CEO Dr Philippe Halbout and IOF Latin America regional manager Lic. Monica Caló travelled to São Paulo (Brazil), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Bogota (Colombia) and Mexico City and Guadalajara (Mexico) for key meetings with IOF member societies, health care providers and public policy makers.

Dr Halbout stated:

First, we would like to highlight and thank our member societies for their collaboration this week. The tour allowed us to visit the IOF family and reconnect with colleagues in the different cities. Thanks to all our member societies for welcoming us so warmly to talk about their excellent local activities for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, and to put new collaborative actions on the agenda.”

The implementation of FLS (Fracture Coordination Units) under the IOF Capture the Fracture (CTF) programme was a primary focus of attention. Dr Halbout and Lic. Caló met with the coordinators and visited the establishments of the FLS centres recognized by the CTF program in the different cities: Sanatorio Las Lomas in Argentina; INR, IMSS and ISSSTE in Mexico City; and SSJ in Guadalajara. They also learned about new initiatives for the prevention of secondary fractures such as the Argentine Network of Hip Fractures in the Elderly. The meetings were complemented with presentations to health insurers and industry to present the experiences of current FLS and demonstrate their benefits in the management of osteoporosis and their positive impact on the prevention of secondary fracture.

Outreach to health authorities was also an important aspect of the Latin American tour. Throughout the week, and in different cities, IOF met with regional/local experts and health authorities to identify opportunities for collaboration, understand local/regional management and the position of health authorities on fragility fractures: including identification of the high-risk patient, diagnosis, availability and reimbursement of treatments, among other issues. They approached health secretariats for elder care and non-communicable diseases and health policy makers to advocate for public policies to improve osteoporosis management and patient-centred care. Particularly noteworthy is the commitment of the Jalisco Secretary of Health and the Preventive Medicine team who are pursuing a state-driven plan aimed at establishing an FLS in each of the 13 health regions into which the state of Jalisco in Mexico is divided.

The approach to healthcare of regionally renowned educational institutions such as the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) is also remarkable. It was an honour to be received by the rector of the University Dr. Enrique Graue and Dr. Germán Fajardo Dolci, dean of the School of Medicine. Dr Halbout and M. Calo had the pleasure of visiting the facilities of one of the most important universities in Latin America, recognized for its extensive academic work as well as one of the most active in art and technology. Support for young professionals and researchers in the field of musculoskeletal health should be a topic of discussion today to continue making progress in a disease that takes on more relevance in a rapidly aging society.

Finally, and very importantly, Dr Halbout was in the Latin American region during World Osteoporosis Day. On this occasion, we participated together with the Colombian Osteoporosis Association in the event "Healthy bones for a life without fractures" held in Bogota. The event attracted more than 100 attendees who enjoyed a morning with talks dedicated to the prevention of osteoporosis, as well as dance and physical exercise sessions. Dr. Halbout and Lic. Mónica Caló urged those present to know their risk factors for osteoporosis and fractures, and presented the new IOF Osteoporosis Risk Check.

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